Have you ever felt terribly inferior to the people around you? Have you ever wished that you were somebody else, someone who has a better life than your own? I am pretty sure everyone in this world has experienced at least a tinge of this type of feeling. Of course, it’s normal to compare yourself to the people around you. It can be your seemingly perfect classmate, or the girl your crush fancies, or some famous celebrity that seems to have everything.

Why? Why have I been given this kind of life? You might have spoken these words in more than one occasion in your life. It is a quite reasonable question, right? Of all the lives that you could have had, why this one? Sometimes when you’re down and when you feel like you’re life’s f***ed up, you just want to escape it and live another life.

“We know all men are not created equal in the sense some people would have us believe” is a one of the lines that I had to memorize as part of my oratorical speech for school. Yes, people may say that we are all created equal, it’s how we perceive the world, and all those kind of stuff. But, when we were born, we didn’t really choose what life we wanted, right? We were born into this world naked and innocent, yes, but wasn’t there a difference on how we were born, where we were born, who we were born to, and what clothed us afterwards?

Face it or not, some people are born more privileged than most people in one way or another. For example, you might have a classmate that’s a super genius even though she doesn’t study that much, a friend born to a life like those of royals, “the girl of his dreams” that has a really cute physical appearance, and so on and so forth (Completely theoretical, I tell you). Point is, in the beginning, you are given certain circumstances that determines your life for the time being. You are not isolated in that small little box that you were born into. Yes, you might have been born into this world with less money and less opportunities than others or you might have been born with so much more than you really need. Whether you’re the former or the latter, everything you were born with isn’t necessarily permanent. A poor peasant child could grow up to be a billionaire and a CEO’s child can grow up to be a beggar.

It is not about how much we were given when we were born, rather, how we plan on living our life we are here. If you’re a gifted person. then use that to nourish yourself more and the world around you. If not, then prove to them that circumstances do not bring you down, pull yourself together, and reach the things you want to achieve. Circumstance defines how much resources we have to begin with. How it is used is all up to you.

Just a reminder, do everything you can to live a life with no regrets, no matter how much you had to start with. Die knowing you’ve lived a wonderful life, giving importance to things that really matter; Not money, rather love.



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