Silver Linings

What makes you feel happy during tough times? What makes you smile a bit when life takes a hard turn? What makes you laugh when you don’t really feel like it at all?

Most times, life doesn’t go the way you want it to. That’s the reality of the life we live as normal human beings. We get disappointed, we get hurt, we mess up, and we fall down. That’s life. It isn’t a wish granting factory. The best that we can do is accept the fact and find ways how to handle it. Why wait for the terrible rain to end when you can learn to dance in the rain. Life is too short to wait for moments when things go right.

Every moment in this short precious life we have is important. We can’t waste time sitting around, waiting for something amazing and wonderful to happen. We should go out and make things happen. We don’t know when, how, and where we’re going to die. It might be in our sleep, it might be in some accident, or it might be some kind of sickness that would kill us slowly and painfully. Point is, when we die, we die. We’re not really sure what awaits us after we die, but for sure, we can never go back, never relive our life.

Look for the little things that make life a bit better for you. It might be some food/drink that instantly makes you a bit perkier when you eat/drink it. It could also be chatting with your friends and family about funny things or talking about what you’re going through. Or maybe it’s spending your free time to watch videos or read books in your tablet/phone. Everyone has some kind of thing that they like doing, something that would make them feel a little happier.

Don’t depend your happiness on a certain person or people, something that could go away, rather be your happiness. Remember, there is no key to happiness; happiness is never locked. It’s a choice to see the brighter side of things. How can there be a rainbow without the rain? How can you see the stars without the darkness? Be the kind of person that makes you happy.

Personally, I can really be depressed at times. I feel like the world is just this huge gigantic mess. I feel that nothing I do could possibly make things alright, that everyday is a struggle towards nothing, nothing to look forward to. Yes, I have make plenty of mistakes and I don’t think I’m learning anything from them. I have a lot of improvements to do in my life. I try to figure out the things that make me  feel a bit better, my own personal silver linings. And, so far, they’re drinking lemon juice, watching anime (like Ao Haru Ride, Kaichou Wa Maid Sama, Special A, and Ouran High School Host Club), and pretending to be positive and smiling (It sometimes help to try to convince yourself that you are happy and the world’s okay).

Go out, have adventures, see the world. Choose happiness over sadness because life is too short to mope in some corner for too long. Cry, cry all those tears out, then rise as a better person afterwards. You only live once, you only get once chance to take whatever life has to offer. Death is inevitable, it is also irrelevant during the time that we are alive. Live the most that you can while you can. Hold on to your silver linings when things get hard and rough. And..



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