Sunrise Sunset

What a slut time is; She screws everyone. Nothing is permanent in this world. Even we, ourselves, are only temporary and one day, we will perish and the marks we have left in people’s minds, in this world, will determine what kind of life we chose to live.

During our life, we will experience happiness, sadness, and everything between it. We will make friends and lose friends. We will laugh and we will cry. We will love people and we will lose people we love. We will experience everything, and all of that is a pleasure. To grow old is an ultimate privilege not given to all.

Memories. They are the things that keep us on our feet during horrible times and the things that make us smile during good times. Having memories, both good and bad, is an honor. It’s really happy reminiscing the stuff that you have done and thinking about how you felt during that time. What a wonderful thing it is to have so much memories to remember! Yes, sometimes, they can really be bittersweet, being unable to go back to those times, have things the way they were, but in the end, you have to cherish those memories; At least you got the chance to live that certain way in a period of time.

You have to really decide on how you spend your time. It’s really no one’s choice but yours. You could act like a hero and sacrifice all your time for someone else, but wouldn’t that leave you with no time for yourself? Quickly, list down the things you want to do, things you’ve always planned doing but never got to do it due to reasons, then you, yes, you, go out and do everything on that list. The best way to live life is to live it with no regrets. If you keep on saving and skipping everything in your life, you’ll end up regretting the chances you never took, the things you never said, and the places you never visited.

Say “I love you” as much as you can, while you can. Take the chances you want to take but are a little too risky. Say the things you want to say to the people you want to say it. Go to the places you want to go to. Time that had passed, time wasted, will never come back. Don’t let your life become this sad story of lost chances and broken dreams, instead, hold the pen and make your life something beautiful. You are the author of your life. Yes, there is a divine author writing our lives into his plan and we should do things according to his will. Ask him to guide you along the way, to help you make decisions, and you will see that your life will turn our wonderfully.

*I love writing like I’m just transferring my thoughts into words and typing the words into this post. I feel really inspired writing about time after finishing all the available “Ao Haru Ride” manga chapters (Chapter 43.. 4:16 am.. teehee!). I really suggest that you, guys, watch it or read it. It’s spectacular!*



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