Views on Love

I just reread the post I wrote about love about two years ago and I realized that, as we grow and continue to learn new information, our views about things somehow change. My insights on love have gone deeper within the span of two years and I’m sure it will expand through the years.

“The thing about love, it’s hard to love, to trust someone with your heart, that they’d take good care of it. It would be hard to love again, once that trust was broken by someone. Nothing could replace that trust you once gave that person. Time could heal your heart but never completely put it back as it was before. Of course, you’d like that but, it’s impossible. There would always be hurt in your heart that that person left.

Love is like a dove. It’s free to fly. No one could control it, no one. Every one’s got their own decision to love. It’s as pure as a dove, as well. Love couldn’t be poisoned by lies and deception. It stays pure and innocent. And to love is as light as an eagles feather, once it’s true.”

After watching the anime series “Special A”, “Kaichou Wa Maid Sama”, and a lot of movies about all kinds of love, I think that love can go as far as sacrificing your own happiness and freedom for the people you love because you think that they are worth all the pain and all the consequences. Love is like a big red button that electrocutes you but you push it anyways because a cookie falls down on you every 10 times and it’s the best cookie you’ve ever had.

Love can be shown in hundreds of ways. It may be something as simple as smiling and sharing your lunch and it could be as deep as setting them free. I’m sure that the love I’m talking about here is the romantic love (I couldn’t decide which so I’m going with this one).

I’m annoyed by how I have lost my thoughts and cannot continue this post. I am really sorry and I will try to continue it when I can.



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