Unrealistic High Standards

I’ve been watching an anime series lately and, ever since I met Usui Takumi, my guy standards have been going off the charts. I don’t think it’s realistic to find a guy like Usui because there isn’t one, but you just can’t help yourself from desiring a guy like him. He’s basically perfect. Well, as far as I know, since I’m only in episode 18. He annoys the hell out of Misaki, but when she needs help or is in trouble, he’s always there to save her. Always.

Face it or not, I am an awfully sappy and hopeless romantic. I am a sucker for love and romance stories. I sort of dislike that about myself. But, it’s me. What can I possibly do but accept it? This post is more of a diary entry that an inspirational blog post bursting with quotes about determination and that kind of stuff. I’m a 16 year old teenage girl. Please excuse me for sometimes being an hormonal human being.

I don’t want to have a new crush this year, since I feel that it’s about time that I should take a break from all that crush nonsense and just focus all my time and energy in school. And I’ve been feeling that I fall too hard too quickly. So I have decided that the guy that I gave I letter to and replied with a banana (Well, I did ask for it) will be my last official crush in my high school life. That is final.

I don’t want him thinking that it’s easy for me to replace him with another guy. I don’t want to be that kind of person, or at least, not anymore. He was important to me because of reasons I still don’t know about. I guess, in some way, he still is important to me. After all, we’ve spent like 10 months as classmates, so I guess we’re friends of sorts. Yeah. Okay.

I’m going to end this post right here. So much for being a normal hormonal teenager who has a crush on a guy who likes another girl (She’s reaaally cute).



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