Little Things

Have you ever wanted to have something, something that someone else owns, something you can’t have? Well, of course you have, assuming that you are a normal human being. It might have been a really awesome toy when you were a small child, a ridiculously expensive bag or game when you were a teen, or maybe a boy, the most beautiful boy you’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting, a boy that likes another. Point is, it’s something that’s out of reach, something that isn’t and will never be yours.

Hmm.. never is quite a strong word. Let’s rephrase that to “have to extensively strive for”. But then, you’ve got to ask yourself if it’s really worth all your time and effort.

Going back to the supposed topic, while striving for something you really desire, you’ve got to stop a while and take a good look at what you currently have. I reckon that most of you have the luxury of technology. Look how lucky you are. You better know how lucky and blessed you are. Those little things are what you have to hold on to when things get messy. You have to know how much you already have.

I’ve been realizing that I’m not as nearly as good of a writer as I thought. But, I am working on it and I hope you got the message of this post. That you have to stop to continuously long for other things and look at all the things you already have.

I was inspired to write this after seeing a little boy being carried by his mother, with a babysitter directly behind them, holding a pair of crutches. I wondered why, then I was shocked after looking at the child again and seeing that he had prosthetic legs, at such a young age! I hope that he grows up and becomes a fine young man.



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