If I Die Young~~

I think that I think too much about death, a bit more than I really should at this age. But, it’s better to accept the terrible fact of life that is death and be somewhat prepared when it comes. I like planning stuff so why not plan what happens after I die?

I want a simple yet meaningful commemoration of the life that I have chosen to live a certain way. I’d like my family and close friends to be there. It’s pretty optional for everyone else. I want them to prepare short stories and speeches about me. Isn’t it fun hearing what other people have to say about you? Well, I bet they’d all be romanticized because who would want to hear “Yeah, she was a bitch.” in their funeral? Please have a good and happy priest in my funeral masses that would make you, mournful people, a bit less sad. Someone who’d deliver such an energetic homily that no one would fall asleep, that wouldn’t make me fall asleep.

I want to be cremated and for my ashes to be put in a columbarium. My latest picture will be put in front, with a copy of a “prayer of the dead” beside it. Maybe put some simple flowers near it, as well. Since I’m not that good nor that bad of a person, I’d like my family relatives and friends to pray for me, in case.

All my possessions will be given to my immediate family. I don’t really have much. 50% will be given to my dear parents, and my sisters will be given 25% each. If I live long enough to experience the privilege and honor of having my own family, then this will be changed somehow since it wouldn’t be applicable anymore.

Am I missing anything? Oh, right. I order my family to donate whatever useful body organs I have to some hospital where it could be transplanted to someone else, someone who needs it. What’s the purpose of a dead person having his organs? I ain’t going to use them anymore anyways. You, referring to my family members, don’t have any say on this. This is one thing about my death that I am absolutely sure and decided on. No need to be overly sentimental. Just do it.

That’s pretty much it. I promise not to die anytime soon. I promise to try to live a long and happy life. But, death is coming, maybe in the most unexpected moment. And I’d like to be ready for it somehow.

Even though I’m writing this post right now, don’t think for one second that I’d ever give up easily on life. I’m not a pessimistic realist, rather an optimistic one, but a realist nonetheless. I love you, all, and I hope that you live a grand and wonderful life!




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