Is this supposed to be normal?

Okay, so I admit that this is another “crush” post. I just can’t get over the fact that within the span of 3 weeks, I’ve only said “hi” to him once, the day before my birthday. Is this normal? What is normal? Ugh.

See, we don’t really talk that much. I usually make the effort to start a conversation with him because, well, I liked him. A lot. You’d think that it would lead to a mutual interaction between us, right? Well, not most of the time. He usually just replied with a short reply and then the conversation would end. As you know, I’m not that much of a conversationalist. Heck, I suck at it. So, I don’t really think that you can blame me for having nothing to say.

I have had a crush on him. Maybe that’s why I thought it was necessary to actually talk to the guy. Honestly, I didn’t really know him that much until the end of the school year. Up until now, I barely know stuff about him. I sometimes do wish that I could undo all the stupid things I have done due to craziness and insanity. Maybe if I didn’t do those things, then we could’ve been actual friends. Stupid me.

So, I think that not talking to him is normal. I’m always awkward, with everyone, so he’s not really that different from the rest. The only real difference is my previous admiration and attraction towards him. And that’s normal for girls, like me, to have to. If all of this is normal then WHY AM I WRITING THIS POST!?!

Well, like every other letter and post that regards him, I don’t know. I might never know. It feels like a lot, now, but maybe in the near future, I’d just laugh at this post and every post and letter addressed to or at him. I believe that this is just a normal phase any normal female human being in this world goes through. It’s normal, completely and utterly, normal. 




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