Arch Enemy

Everyone must have some kind of arch enemy. Someone who constantly puts them down through physical and mental means. They say such discouraging words that may convince you that you’re not good enough, that you will never amount to anything worthwhile. They do these actions that make you feel weak and cowardly, scared of being judged by these kind of people. These actions may lock you up in a prison made from something harder than the strongest diamonds in the world: Fear.

Who is your arch enemy? Someone worst than anyone you’ve met. Someone who hurts you deeply, scourging your body, mind, and soul with insufferable agony. Believe it or not, this body tormentor, this pessimist, is sometimes the person you see on the other side of the mirror: You.

Many people suffer from depression, loneliness, and hopelessness because of that loud defeatist voice inside your head saying that whatever you do, you’re hopeless and that will never change. You don’t have any friends, you will die alone and unloved by anyone. You wanna change? Yeah right, it’s useless. You can’t do this. You can’t do that. And it says other horrible stuff that would make you give up and give in.

I don’t know what you’re going through. I have no way of knowing. But I do know that whatever you’re experiencing right now, it will pass like everything else in life. It’s not the end of your life, it’s just a huge obstacle. It may look like this unbreakable border, a dead end. In these times, you’ve got to pray, talk to people who may help, people who are close to you, and stand up with all you’ve got. Shun away those cynical thoughts and build a strong foundation of hope in your mind and in your heart. 

Believe in yourself and what you can and cannot do. That will help you know what you are capable of and what needs improvement. Worrying and self-hatred never helps, it just lessens your time and the hope you have in you. 

I’m sorry but something in me says that this post isn’t good and that I’m not inspired enough. Don’t worry, I’ll continue this post as soon as I remember why I’m writing it. One thing you must know about me is that I usually don’t follow my own advice. I never learn. And that’s something I hate about me. I still have issues to attend to. I hope I can. 







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