By definition, Hope is: 1.) a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen, 2.) a feeling of trust, and 3.) want something to happen or be the case. Have you ever hoped for something? How did that work out? 

When you hope, you accept the risk of disappointment and the challenges that may come with it. Hope comes from faith, which is putting your complete trust and confidence in someone or something. You wouldn’t just hope for something to happen without believing that it is possible and you are sure that you won’t be let down. 

I’ve been disappointed many times in my life, and I believe that I will be disappointed more times in the future, but that’s normal. You don’t always get what you want or what you need because of reasons that you may not understand. Maybe it’s not the right time or maybe it’s not the right thing for you. I believe in God and I believe that he has a plan for each and every one of us. We cannot control everything in our life because with a world full of nothing but happiness, how can people know it’s worth? They would be used to a world where everything goes their way, but that’s impossible. For example, Jonathan wants to be senior manager of some huge company, but Ronald wants the position as well. You might say that the company could just double the position and hire them both, in an ideal world, but that ideal world doesn’t exist. Even the ideal world has flaws because, while it could work around the problem with two people desire for the job, what would it do if hundreds of people desire it too? 

Multitudinous hardships, trials and temptations will come with that hope. There will be times when you think that it’s not worth it, that it’s too impossible to happen, that you can’t do it. Fear is the arch enemy of hope. It continues to destroy people’s hopes and dreams through it’s lingering in their minds, filling their heads with doubts and pessimistic thoughts. Imagine how many people give up on things they want to achieve because of fear. Imagine the regret and sadness they felt afterwards. Worrying about something that has not yet happened, or will never happen is just subtracting the time you have to do your best to work hard towards your goals. By worrying, you are wasting the precious time you have for all those negative thoughts adding to the weight you are already carrying. Spend your time wisely, rather than being anxious about what would happen if you don’t reach that goal because by thinking about it, you are just decreasing the chances of actually achieving it. 

Hope may not be free, but it is a way of knowing which path you want to take in life. It’s planning ahead, investing your time and effort on it, and trusting that all of that is enough. When it isn’t enough, when things don’t turn out right, remember that you are part of a much bigger picture of which, without you, will just be a puzzle with a missing piece. Don’t let people tell you what you can and cannot do, don’t give anyone the right to decide that, not even yourself. Think positive because thinking negative would get you nowhere in life, it will just keep you inside a box of fears and doubts. Don’t you think Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Nelson Mandela has their doubts and fears too? You can never know what happens in your future, but you do have control of it by what you do in the present. The future changes with everything you do today.

So, today is the day that you decide on what you want in the future, what you have to do to achieve it, what you have to sacrifice for it, and put those words into actions because words are just words unless people choose to act upon it. Do your best in everything you do today and, whatever the future holds, be satisfied with doing your best and trust God’s plans for you. Be humble, not boastful, because even though you achieve much in life, your life is still in the Lord’s hands and in the judgement day, you will not be more than a mere person, a sinner like all the rest, in God’s court awaiting His verdict. Help those in need and never forget where you came from and those who helped you when you had nothing.

Right now, I am nothing but an almost 4th year high school student, hoping that she gets into the university of her dreams. I have no way of knowing if I do, if I don’t, but what I do today determines what happens to me in the future. And from this day on, knowing what I want and what I must do to achieve it, I must put all these words and thoughts into actions to make it actually count. 




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