I’m Never THAT Girl

My teenage girl hormones are raging again. This post is mostly a rant post so if you’re trying to find something inspirational and what not, try some other post because I’m pretty sure you won’t get anything that useful here. 

I’m not the prettiest, the smartest, nor the thinnest girl in the world. I’d say I’m almost the complete opposite of the last one. What kind of guy would be interested in me? Why the hell am I ranting about this? My mom would probably say that I’m over thinking this and I’m being too pessimistic. But really, dudes pick girls who are girly, pretty, smart, and the like. And I’m not that.

I run a blog and a page. I’m not that bad at grades. I’m shy around people. I’m probably the worst person at conversations. And face and body aren’t exactly an ideal physique. I’m sort of a bookworm and I’m addicted to television shows like Doctor Who and Sherlock. Where’s the attractive stuff in that? None? Yeah.

Is it possible to like someone again, after what seemed like the longest time? Might as well add that the person has a girlfriend, which makes it a little more impossible, if that was even possible. I don’t know. It’s just the hormones working it’s way around my mind. I just really want to talk to him. I don’t really know what to talk about, but I just want to catch up with him, and some other people who I miss a lot.

What would it feel like being someone’s –dare I say it– girlfriend? I’m really curious. I’m not the best person to talk about commitment with, since I have so little. I predict that it would be like hanging out with someone, meeting up with someone constantly, someone waiting for you to have lunch with them, someone you could depend on and trust. It sort of sounds a lot like friendship, which it really has to be first and foremost, before having a relationship with someone. Love? Love (setting aside family and friends’ kind of love) remains a mystery to me. 

Mental Note: Dear John.. (You should remember to write about this..)





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