A reminder, always seen in the end,

A simple yet meaningful message I would like to send,

I think that’s how simple life can be,

If we didn’t worry, and just live with glee.


Then again, life can be a bitch,

It isn’t always in perfect pitch,

But, what would life be without both up’s and down’s,

A straight line. No pulse, no sounds.


Live as if there was only today,

Dream as if the end was far away,

Do everything and leave nothing unsaid,

No one would want regrets when they’re dead.


Replace those frowns with smiles,

It could go on for miles,

Laugh and enjoy life’s simple pleasures,

Attainable in easy measures,


Share the love, it’s free and true,

It brings to joy to everyone and  basic to do,

The society is messed up enough,

So, let’s just give a little love.


Basically, just be the best that you can be,

Live life to the fullest, live joyfully,

Laugh and see happiness in little things,

And love truthfully, stretch out those wings.




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