In life, the choices you make really matter. You make a lot of choices in one lifetime. There are choices that are only short term and aren’t that important, but there are those that you really have to spend time to think about because it would affect your life big time. I think whatever choice you make determines what kind of person you are and affects all the future decisions you will encounter. Every decision has its pro’s and con’s and whenever we make a decision, we try to weigh out which decision has more pro’s than con’s and then we go with that. Deciding is rather an easy concept to think about doing. You just have to make the right ones that would lead you to the right road that would eventually lead you to the right future. Easy, right? Well, no. Sorry.

See, it’s much much harder than that when you’re actually doing it. You have to stick by whatever choice you made. There’s no such thing as as “rewind” in life. Okay, there may be some, but it’s very rare to come across those kind of decisions. And when you choose something, there is absolutely no way of knowing what the other road could have been like.

You apply decision-making everyday, whether it’s about what to eat for breakfast, which clothes to wear to work, etc. You could also choose to do the same stuff often, so often that it becomes this sort of habit of yours. If it’s a bad habit like staying up late, procrastinating, etc, it’s very hard to break. You just get use to it and you find it hard to change.  Trust me, I know.

How do you break a bad habit? I really don’t know. I do know that I have to change stuff if I want to live longer and better, but it could be so damn hard to change. It would take me a lot of self discipline and determination to get it done, before it’s too late. There’s a deadline to every decision we have to make.

Now that I’m almost going to college, I think that I should be more mature and sophisticated in making decisions. I have to make the right ones to get the future I’ve always wanted. I’ve set goals for myself since I was in the 6th grade, and now, I have to push myself to be able to actually achieve those goals. I think goals help you to keep your mind set into doing something you want. They’re the map you hold on to when you’re in some dark dangerous forest. Without it, you’re like this lost person, wandering around endlessly.

My advice? Decide what you’re overall goal is, then from that point on, all your decisions would be in order to achieve that. Start with something small. Take it one day at a time. You have to focus on doing whatever it takes to reach that goal. Yeah, sometimes, you could have a little innocent fun and play around. Do something you’ve never done or never thought of doing. But never ever do anything stupid. There is a fine line between silly and stupid.

I’m telling you, it’s going to be hard at first, changing your past habits into better things, but it pays off. Honestly,I’m trying to convince myself that I can make changes in my life while writing this because I could be a really fucked up person at times. Three of the many things I have to change are my sleeping habits, my study habits, and my eating habits. I sleep a little too late, I don’t study when I don’t have to or don’t want to, and I eat a lot.

I think the first step to change is to realize and admit your faults, then you have to know what to do about it and be willing to do it.

I’m about to make some feasible schedule that I could manage this summer. Good luck to all of us!!

Oh, by the way, here’s a little image to keep track of the progress you make..





Whatever you do in this life, make sure you’re happy with what you’re doing and with what you want to achieve. Don’t let anyone tell you what to do or what not to do. Do learn your limitations and boundaries, but don’t let that stop you from being happy because we only get one life. Why not make it a happy one, eh? 🙂


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