The Ending.

Do you ever think of death? I constantly do. No matter how long they try to run from it; Everybody dies. Death is the great equalizer in this world because no one can escape from it, and no one can bring anything along with them when they die. We entered into this world without any clothes, without anything, and we enter the afterlife the same way. I am also curious about the after life; What it’s like and how it feels. But I think that that is a completely different post in the future when I have further knowledge about it. For now, I’d like to talk about what happens before death, before losing that heartbeat and laying lifeless. 

If you were to die tomorrow, what would you do today?

I’ve been asking people around that exact question but only a few have replied; Not enough to put on this page to prove a point. A thought just hit me while I was cleaning my room and, because of that, I’ve stopped cleaning and I am now writing this blog post. Most people would say that they would spend their last hours with the ones they love. Some would say they would do whatever they normally do. And one person said that she would steal a TARDIS and go to Italy, her lifelong dream. 

My inspiration’s fading; I must finish this quickly. Another thought hit me, a while after the first thought. Why not do whatever you plan doing during your last day alive today? The thing about death isn’t it’s existence, rather it’s the suspense. No one knows when they’re going to die. You might have your whole life planned out neatly on some notebook, but when death knocks on your door, YOU DON’T HAVE A CHOICE. You don’t get to pick when you die or how you die. 

I find those who die by illness lucky, because they knew, somehow, beforehand that they’re remaining days are already numbered. I want to die that way. I want to die slowly and painfully. It may sound bizarre right now, but think about it. I’d have the time to say my goodbye’s to my family and friends. I’d be able to reminisce stories with them, joke around a little, and spend my last hours with them. But, like I said, I wouldn’t really know how or when I’d go. 

Have you ever heard a person, a young person, troubling himself about death? I haven’t. Why would someone trouble himself with the thought of death? It is useless and pathetic. Death will come uninvited. You might not have time to bid your loved ones goodbye neither would you have the time to prepare yourself. It may come as fast as a flash of lighting or it may come as slow as a snail. You never know when you’re last hours will be. You may even be experiencing it right now. 

Point is, death isn’t so terrible if you live your life as if you were to die tomorrow. No one would want to die with regrets and leave words unsaid. Death is painful enough. So, I recommend that you stop reading this blog right now, right this very second, turn your computer, mobile phone, laptop, tab, or whatever your using, off, and live your life well. Most people prepare themselves for the future, studying and working hard for their life ahead. The question is, would you be there to sow the seeds you have planted? Those people tend to forget the things that are really important in life, distracted by society’s expectations and idealistic views of life. Whatever you do, do not forget what’s really important: you’re family and friends. They won’t be there forever neither would you. 

Yes, preparing for the future is absolutely a good idea, but don’t let it consume all the time you have right now. Spend your time wisely on things that really matter because once time has passed by, you can never get it back. Also, allot some time to do whatever it is that makes you happy because, whatever that is, it is never a waste of time. Honestly, life is pretty easy. We just tend to make it more complicated than it has to be. 

It doesn’t matter how little time you have to live, rather how you spend your time while you’re still alive. Some people live more during their short lives than others that are alive longer than them. Does that make sense? Basically, stop simply existing and start living your life because death is coming and I don’t think you’d want to have any regrets.

And if you’re thinking about taking your own life, putting things on your own hands, DON’T. Believe me, it might not be clear right now but there is a future awaiting you. And if you kill yourself because of a temporary problem you’re experiencing that seems like the end of the world, you’re depriving yourself of the opportunity to see what’s in store for you, after the rain. It’s okay to cry, it makes you see things clearer. But, I suggest that when you’re feeling depressed and alone and like you want to end it, talk to someone you trust. Breathe, calm down, and think it through. You are never alone. I really don’t want people to hurt themselves and take their own lives because everyone is so beautiful, in their own way, and seeing that beauty fade away is such a shame. 

I just had a brilliant idea which I am trying to make possible right now. I will be updating you about that in a little while. For now, I bid you farewell and..




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