Let Me See You Put Your Hearts Up~~

It’s almost Valentine’s Day once again and this is another post regarding the so-called “Hearts’ Day”. 

Love. What is “love”? I believe that love is too complex and complicated to define, rather it is felt and nothing in this world is greater than this amazing thing. Without love, this world would just be a huge planet of crap. Honestly, love is what makes life worth living. it’s what makes the journey bearable to travel. It’s those kind of things that we hold on to, in the hopes that when everything else fails, it remains. We  desperately struggle to hold on to it, no matter how hard and how painful it may be. Because it’s the angel that makes it worth fighting off all the demons and monsters. 

There are all kinds of love: God love, family love, friend love, boyfriend/girlfriend love, etc. But it does pretty much the same thing in all those kinds of love. Love is what makes us courageous because we know that someone’s got our back, ready to catch us when we fall. It makes us experience all these kinds of emotions because it goes along with life’s ups and downs and that’s just normal. It can hurt us so so bad, and yet we learn to tolerate the pain because the person’s worth it. It can make us set aside our own lives to give way to the life of the person we love. It can make us do really really stupid and crazy things. It’s that huge amount of trust you give to that person, like handing a gun to a person, giving him the capability to hurt you, and trusting him enough to know that he wouldn’t trigger the gun. It’s this unbreakable commitment we promise to one another, despite all the things that could possibly go wrong. 

Honestly, I am having a very very difficult time writing this post. Maybe because love cannot be put into words nor can it be verbally expressed, rather it is this feeling, this expression of oneself through actions of unconditional caring and trust. I’ve seen it. I’ve felt it, mostly from God, my family and friends. I’m not that good in expressing it, I’m usually the one messing up, but I do absolutely love them. I cannot imagine nor bear a world without them. I know that someday, they’re going to be gone and I’ll be alone. But until then, I try not to miss a single opportunity to tell them and show them how much they mean to me. 

So, yes, I have Valentines tomorrow and each and every one of them mean the world to me. 





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