Things I Want to Change

This is another message to myself in the future, but this time, I’m addressing this to the future me starting from the moment I publish this post. It could be tomorrow future me, the day after tomorrow future me, and so on. Listen, I want to tell you that you’re a fantastic human being that has really bad habits. I mean, seriously bad habits that could be the cause of your death someday, hopefully not soon.

First would be the habit you make of sleeping so late in the morning. I’m no scientist, but I know that can’t be good for your health. I know you’re probably doing something important, school work most likely, that you put off till’ now, or slowly progressed doing causing you to stay up this late. This is the habit you really make a habit of, every damn night. Please, don’t continue doing it. I’m scared for you. Promise me this would be the last time you’d do it. Do your homework as early as possible, and never put it off, again.

Secondly, have a very good hygiene. I know it’s sick to even mention it but it’s the reality. You stink, literally. You can’t just do that or else you’d end up like you-know-who and you never ever want to even be compared to him. Take a bath as early as possible in the morning. Do not not take a bath ever again. You are so going to regret it. And don’t forget to brush your teeth. That breath of yours would gradually stink and your teeth are going to decay.

Thirdly, don’t skip out on drinking your medicine. I know, you forget most of the time, but I’m telling you, it’s bad, really bad for your health. Mum’s always telling you to not forget and you still keep on forgetting. What’s going to happen to you when she’s gone and you’re terribly ill and forget, huh? And don’t just underestimate you’re health. You’re lifestyle is bad enough, please just drink your medicine because some families can’t even afford the luxury of having medicine to drink when they’re sick.

Fourthly, study. I don’t care what you have going on with your life, just study. It’s the only thing you can control and it’s an important aspect of your future. Focus on your studies and make sure you’re really learning stuff, because school would just be pure bullshit if you don’t learn anything from it, besides those things that you forget after exams are done. No matter what you may be thinking, you want to go to that university, you want to take up Business, you want to graduate with so many honors. 

Fifthly. show you’re love to your parents and sisters and relatives, because they won’t always be there for you. They are going to die like any other human being in this planet. You will lose them sometime in the future and you wouldn’t want to have any regrets. Stop arguing and fighting with them and just love them and try to be a better child or sister to them. You have to appreciate them while you’ve still got them.

Number Six, start working out, exercising and going to the gym. You really need to lose a lot of pounds to be that girl whose size you liked. Don’t do it for anyone else but yourself. It’s not a self-esteem or self-pity or insecurity problem, but rather health problem. Eat less and be mindful of what goes inside that mouth of yours. Quit those chocolate bars and cookies and just stay fit and healthy, like an ideal woman.

Number Seven, never ever stop writing in this wonderful blog of yours. It is your masterpiece and scar to this world. I may not know the impact of this blog to other people as of now, but I do know that this blog has kept me sane for the past year and so. It’s your virtual home that you could run to in the case of loneliness and depression and whatever. Don’t abandon it, no matter how tough your life might get or how hassle your schedule might be. Never forget.

And lastly, pray to God that you’d have a long and amazing life ahead of you. I may not be a great big believer in God right now, but I have faith in him and trust that he has great plans for me I have yet to know and understand. I believe that he has and will always save me in times of distress and I owe him my life, that is very unworthy of his kindness. Follow him, and never forget him. Trust in him and never let go.

So, there, those are your current issues in life. Please do follow my strict instructions and plans so that your life would be so much easier and longer than my predicted future if you keep on living this life I’m experiencing. Believe me, you’d want to live long enough to start a family, marry that someone, have kids, and watch them grow. Just, please please, do this for me, for you, for us, for them. I love you very much dear, and finish those homeworks before the end of this year, ya’ hear me? 




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