To My Future Self

So, hopefully, you are reading this, me from the future. I have no idea how I’m going to turn out and I guess there’s a more future me than you, so you’re pretty unsure of the future to. That’s okay, because we’re just both me, a human being, no more no less. Although, I do wish sometimes that I could now where I’m going to and how I’d probably pass away and what I’ve accomplished before that. I have so many questions to ask you and so many things to tell you. I guess I could tell you the things I want to, right here. But I know it’s not possible for you to answer my questions, unless time travelling is already accessible there, then please do show me a sign at least, but then that would most likely disrupt the flow of past, our past and just ruin everything. All-in-all, just let me talk to you, no need for a reply. 

Did I finish college in my dream university? Did I get my master’s degree? Did I take my dream course? Oh, please answer me (DON’T). I mean, I have to figure these things out, since I haven’t gone through it yet. But you have, so I really hope you did get into our dream uni taking up our dream course, and successfully graduating it with awards. I’ve always been an overachiever, more than I actually achieve. I pretty suck for that, but I hope you’ve grown into an honorable woman that’s going to make things happen and change the world. 

I really hope you’re as successful as I want to be. I hope you’re doing something that makes you happy. I don’t want to land on a job that makes me miserable, even if it’s a high-paying gig. Happiness and love are the two most important things in the world, and never ever forget that. How am I doing? I’m pretty sure that everyone’s right about the real life starting once you finish college, and I do hope you’re doing okay with that. Hopefully, you’re boss isn’t that pain of an ass as those bosses in the movies. Just make friends and don’t say anything rude or mean. Keep it to yourself if it’s not going to help, or if it’s going to hurt someone. 

I believe you have a house. I don’t want anything big and extravagant. I want those normal but classical ones with the inside bigger than the outside, like the TARDIS. Do I have a husband? kids? I really really want to know. Do I live long enough to even have a family of my own? I really hope so. I’m not sure that you’d go with my plan of names (Athena NIke and Christian Brian) but they’re fantastic names, I bet. Are you married to someone you love and that loves you back? I don’t want you to turn up badly and divorced. Please do check and check and check before you get married to someone. He has to be independent, loving, smart, trustworthy, honest, loyal, caring, and all the good stuff, only the good stuff. I only want the best for you, nothing less. 

Is your family (the one you’re born in) still okay? I do hope mom and dad are still alive while you’re reading this. But, they’re going to be gone, that’s reality. Say “I love you” and hug them and kiss them as much as possible. I don’t want to have any regrets in life, okay? Avoid fighting with them and arguing because that takes away a few moments of their lives, and that counts, I tell you. I’ve seen way too many movies to not think about death, especially theirs. I know that it’s going to be hard for you, to lose them, someday, but be strong, for our sisters and your family. They need you. Stay strong and pray. God’s always going be there for you. 

If this blog is still up and running, I hope you’re still active and writing, because this is somehow you’re contribution to history. I mean, yeah, there are thousands and thousands of blogs in the internet (is it still called the “internet there?) but this is yours and it’s your mark to the world, quite a remarkable mark I’d say. More future you would someday read your posts and maybe laugh and write another post and it goes on and on. Don’t stop writing, ever. Master those fantastic skills of yours and use it for the good of humanity. Write a book! 

And I know we’re going to die. Don’t be sad about it. I’m not sad about it, but maybe that’s because I believe it’s not that close yet. But someday, somewhere, we’re going to die from this temporary life. We’re going to perish and hopefully end up in Heaven. Our life doesn’t revolve around that. Don’t be paranoid about it. Do things you think are worth doing and would leave another mark in this world (since this blog is one of them). Build an organization that would live on forever, because this human life is absolutely temporary, but the things we do during our life is what matters. Don’t waste your life mopping around about death or shit. Go up and about and do things. 

No spoilers, in case you’re itching to visit me from the past. I don’t want you to go here and spoil me with whatever you’re experiencing. I’m going to be the one that creates you and that’s a huge thing. I have to mold myself into someone worth something huge. I know I can do it. I’m going to make you someone successful and looked upon on. Thank you for reading this, and make sure that you’re living a good life, for the future you, and your future life and legacy. Good luck. 



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