The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway

It’s Christmas time! I absolutely cannot wait any longer for Christmas break. A break is what I really need right now and all I need it to survive two more days of school. Ah, I can hear it now, the bells, the choirs of angels singing heavenly songs of hope and faith. I can smell the roasted turkey and see houses shining brightly at night. Just a little while now till’ I get the break I so dearly want. 

But, for now, this weekend shall be the time for me to catch up on some World History homework while watching Doctor Who, yet again. I love Doctor Who. I love David Tennant being the doctor. I love Billie Piper as Rose Tyler. Honestly, I love everything about the show, except that it breaks my feelings every time I watch it. 

And this is another blog post to keep my future self updated on what my life is like in this time in the past. I love thinking about the future and wondering how everything will turn up. I know I’m going to die, but that’s never the point. The point is to do something remarkable in the life given to me my God. I don’t care if I die, as long as I have done something worth remembering before I do pass away. 

I’m not that inspirational, I know that, but that’s because I’m trying to figure things out for myself as well. I’m not that type of people who are looked upon by other people. No. I’m just another ordinary human being trying to do something extraordinary. I laugh. I cry. I get hurt. I die. That’s the truth and the truth hurts, most times, but it’s still the truth. I really want to figure out how people around me tick and just help them get through. But how can I do that when i myself cannot understand how I tick. I understand that’s just because I’m continuing to grow and finding myself during this period.

No one can be perfect, really. Every single one of us have our own kinds of flaws. I’d like to think that even the most honorary and majestic human beings are still just human beings, with scars and imperfections and everything. I’m not as pretty as those models who pose for the magazines. I’m not as smart as that kid who aced his BAR exam. I’m not as sexy as that woman in the billboards. My face is of the ordinary, with pimples and acne. I’m not as popular as that man with tons of friends. I’m not as rich as that guy with a billion dollars. But I can tell you this, I am me, and that’s a good enough reason to keep being me. Of course, I have envied people who are better than me at stuff, but I can probably say that I’m better than them at other stuff. 

I usually belittle myself in my other posts because I don’t find anything worth anything in me, except my ability to put my thoughts into writing. That, I’m proud of. But, other than that, I feel that I am nothing, that I’m just a passerby in this busy world that no one but a few people I call friends and family would remember. And even that’s just temporary. As time will pass by, so shall the memory of my existence disappear. That’s partly the reason why this blog is important to me, it would preserve my existence until wordpress will be no more (if that would ever happen, God forbid). But this time, I don’t want to pity myself. This time I want to think of myself as an independent individual, capable of much much more that what she has now. 

I know I can do better, and so can you, dear reader. You and me, both, need to discover beautiful skills and exceptional talents within us, and not just those flaws and imperfections that just hold us back. Set aside those negative and pessimistic thoughts and focus on those optimistic thoughts, because those kind of thoughts are going to guide you and make you determined to reach those goals you have  for the future. This may be a really badly formed post, with all the moodswings in the paragraphs, but I am happy I wrote it. I am happy with it. And hopefully, I’ve inspired someone other than myself. 




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