Who Am I

I am but an ordinary human being,

A little taller than some people in the world,

Dark hair, brown eyes, thicker than most girls, you may say,

But that’s just who I am, something I cannot hide.


Most of you would judge me, some even laugh at me, 

But you laugh all you want, I don’t give a damn, really,

If you don’t like me, fine, I don’t want your comment,

Because you don’t know me, who this girl really is.


I might be just some girl, you see, walking around, 

Or some person you ride the bus with, going home,

Or that nerd standing when the teacher asks something, 

Or that fatty reading, or writing, a story.



Point is, I’m that girl with a pessimistic brain and an optimistic heart. I can feel really insecure at times when other people would laugh at me or when I’m alone on the front seat of the bus. I hate feeling that way. I hate hating on my body, on my face, and on myself. I hate being alone so much just because other people have more friends than I do. I hate the idea of this world revolving around money. I hate the government for misusing the money of the people. I hate the world and my life for being so messed up.


But then, there are those moments when I stop and smile and appreciate what I have. I have a family that I can go home to and support me. I have friends that are really great. I have the opportunity to study and finish college. I have a computer to use for multiple reasons. I have a house I live in. I have this blog to write on. I have more than a lot of people in this world. And that’s for a reason, so that I’d be able to help them, to share what I do have with them. 

A lot of people, nowadays, tend to harm themselves because they hate themselves and the people around them. They think that feeling pain would make their depression go away. I don’t judge them, really. But, I just think their wasting themselves and their lives. We’re all here for a reason and life can be a really pain in the ass, but it can also be an awesome ride. Don’t let sadness get to you, and just live life well. Everything passes, and so would that problems of yours. Don’t end your life because of your problem,rather, find a solution to that, with the help of the people close to you, and continue living your life, without the pain. 

I don’t know if this is really a cause against self-harm, which I was hoping it would be. But, I really wish you get the gist of this rather long post.






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