I have been busier than my usual kind of busy because of projects being thrown here and there and because of the upcoming quarterly exams this week. I just finished reading my World History book which is sort of an achievement for me (even though I can’t memorize everything I’ve read). And I have to compose lyrics for our Filipino music video. Ugh. I just really had to have a break and talk about the crappy part of my week.

Have you ever treated someone like a close friend and he/she just treat you like a friend or acquaintance? Yeah? Horrible, isn’t it? Giving more and receiving less. It’s very heartbreaking, really. They’d spend more time with other people and create this wall between you that you somehow cannot overcome. They’d ask you to leave when they’d have to chat about something only they (and almost the whole freakin’ class knows). 

I can’t say that I’m the most trustworthy person in this whole damn world, but I’m not the worst. I can keep my mouth shut and I can probably give them some advice. But, no. No one would ever tell me anything! They’d make you feel left behind and all the crap that comes with it. You’d feel sad and alone and no one would be there to offer you a shoulder. 

It’s really my fault, for trusting people too much, for being too good and can be pushed around easily, for being too nice and too cool with everything going on. They never even considered my feelings about the situation, probably because I don’t speak up and act like a bitch at times. No one came to me and asked about what I thought. 

I hate them. I despise them for leaving me to my misery. I feel bitter towards them for pushing me out when I wanted to become a part of them. And now I’m here, in my blog once again, communicating with readers I don’t even know personally (no offense, though). 

Don’t get me wrong, I do have close friends, awesome close friends at that. Just not in my section. I love them for being there when others aren’t. I love them for tolerating my nonsense and rants about life. I love them for being as weird and crazy as me. I love them, in general. 

I know who are my friends and who aren’t my friends, now. Thank you for clearing that up. 






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