They Say Before You Start a War, You Better Know What You’re Fighting For~~

I know I haven’t posted in a while, mostly due to the lack of free time and the lack of inspiration. This past few weeks have been, crazy. It’s speed doubled and I mostly just want to get through alive each day. I don’t think it would get me anywhere far enough but that’s all I can take to do for now. I have to get up on my feet, again. And this has nothing to do with love, which is amazing since I’ve noticed that ever since I started third year, all my posts had the tags love, hormones, and the like. No, this kind of troubles are caused by projects thrown here and there, quarterly exams next next week and all those other shit.

So, this is where my post really starts and all those words above are just an introduction. And I’d like to say that this post will be about friendship: the good and the ugly. I’m sure everyone has experienced both of those sides of friendship in their lives one way or another. That’s how friendship works, it’s conquering the bitch called life, with someone beside you. Of course, there’d be those shitty times when you’d fight because of some legitimate reason, then there’d be those wonderful moments that make it worthwhile. It’s love, really, whether it’d be same gender or opposite. 

Having a friend is like, having a sister or a brother, just without the biological relations. It’s never bought by money, even by all the money in the world. True friendship is developed through the years and is built upon a strong foundation of trust, love, honesty and understanding. You’d find yourself smiling and hugging them when you see them in the halls. You can’t stand staying mad at them for more than a week, cause’ you have something to share to them. It’s really awesome and great having a true friend that you can rely on, cry on, and die on (okay, maybe not die on, but it rhymes and sounds good). 

Then, there’s this word: Betrayal. And the thing about this is that it never comes from your enemies or strangers.  This puts you in a place where you don’t know what to do, who to go to, and where to go. It’s being lost in a labyrinth of sadness and despair. Most people would give “backstabbing” as an example of betrayal, but the truth is, betrayal hurts more than 33 stabs (and yes, this is a reference to Julius Caesar who got stabbed by this dear friend, Brutus. “Et tu, Brute?”). I’d say this is worse than a heartbreak or an ulcer. Because, the person who you never expected to hurt you or let you fall, did. And that, for me, is unimaginable and unbearable. How do you get over it, you may ask. Well, I don’t know. I guess you should just move on and forget that friend of yours because if he/she was really a friend of yours, he/she wouldn’t do that in a million and one years. I guess, you’d meet two kinds of people in your life: those who are meant to stay and those who serve as a lesson to you in the future. 

Being alone and feeling alone is another two different things. See, being alone means being alone, literally, having no one in the same room or same perimeter as you, physically. Then, feeling alone could mean you being with thousands of people and yet emotionally alone. Sometimes, you have to be alone and silent to meditate upon life and everything that goes with it. But, feeling alone, most of the time, is pretty sad. You’d feel that no one’s really there for you and the world is just a huge bitch. But, it is, no need to remind yourself every five minutes. It is and you can’t do anything about it, except change your perspective about things. For example, you feel that the whole world is against you and that you have no one to go to. Turn that frown upside down and think that maybe you just have to interact more and think less. Overthinking could lead to disasters, trust me. 

And to those who think that they’re friendless and have no hope, YOU ARE WRONG. Everyone has a friend. It may be as few as one to two, then again it may be as huge as hundreds to thousands (but most likely most of them aren’t really your friend if you have that much friends). Remember to think positively and that friends are different, that’s what makes them friends. Be weird. Be free. Be happy.






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