World Without Boundaries and Limits

Can you imagine a world filled with people who don’t judge other people by their size, color, religion, and the like? Somewhere you could see a white girl playing with a black boy and a Muslim having coffee at a house of a Catholic. The possibilities are endless. Our imagination can take us anywhere and everywhere we want to go. The real question is: Can this imaginative fantasy turn into a factual reality?

In our society today, you can’t help but notice the obvious boundaries that people set, separating them from other human beings that seem a little different compared to them. Their afraid to break those invisible walls and try to really interact with different people.

It’s quite fun to interact with different kinds of people, not that I’ve experienced it. It’s just a beautiful idea, isn’t it? Meeting people with different cultures, traditions, and beliefs coming from different parts of the world.

Another problem is, differences leads to wars and misunderstandings. But, the world is and ever will be the home of all of people (unless they discover some other planet). We’ll have to set aside our differences to live harmoniously together.

Love.. Love.. LOVE. I do believe that love runs the world and once people discover that, they’d be happy. Love makes you happy, unless it doesn’t, meaning it’s not real love. It would probably be infatuation or something like that. But, I’m talking about love for our fellow earth people and such.

If only people would focus on love rather than money or selfish needs, the earth would totally develop into something worth living in in the future. Think about the children of the children of today (if there is a tomorrow).




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