Right Versus What Everybody Does

There are some certain situations in life wherein you have to decide whether to go with the flow with everybody else or stand up for what’s right and what you believe in, risking your social state or whatever you may call it. 

But how? How can you be the voice of the oppressed when you fear the consequences? Nobody wants to be labeled as the “loser” or the “outcast”, but due to physical appearances and the like, they do. And, why bother fighting for them when you got your own problems, right? Wrong. Everyone has problems, and that’s the truth. Just, imagine yourself in their shoes, being laughed at and teased because of something they can’t control. 

For a long time, I’ve been saying that people shouldn’t change themselves for the sake of fitting in, but how can you not when the whole world seems to be against you? How can you be different in a society that embraces normality? 

My mind is still filled with questions that remain unanswered about this topic. I feel sorry for those people, but not sorry enough to defy the majority. I want to fight, but is it worth fighting for? 


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