Delete Before Further Errors

Remember when I said I wouldn’t have a crush this third year? And remember when I said I broke that vow since the first day? Yeah? Well, it sucks.  Having a crush may seem usual and all for other people, but not for me. Oh, gods, not for me. I take crushing seriously. 

First, I don’t go telling people I have a crush on this guy, considering the consequences of probable humiliation and ignoring that might follow. Second, I usually have only one crush at a time. Although I think a lot of guys are cute, only one holds a tight grip to my eyes. Third, I don’t flirt. I am disgusted with the whole concept of flirting. I mean, we’re only high school students and you’re acting like a flirt or slut or whatever. Ew. 

So, this post is to forget everything before damaging long term plans. This happens EVERY YEAR. And you don’t make the same mistake thrice, the last two times were a decision, and I don’t want this year’s decision to lead to failure, AGAIN. 

How? By expressing things in this blog. What can I say? Um.. a letter:

Dear 116.

This is entirely not your fault. I don’t even know why I’m writing this but yeah, I want to forget your significance. You’re just so above-average cute. Like, really. Could you be more cuter? But, that’s it. You’re cute and that’s probably the only reason I like you. That’s all.. I guess.. hahahhaa.. good luck with that love thing. 


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