Love, Infatuation, and Teenage Hormones

I know I haven’t written in a while and that’s due to my superbly busy schedule and, partly my laziness to write during the weekends. I try my best to write something at least once a week but I can’t even commit to that. 

But, I’m here now, so, moving on to the main topic of this particular post: being a teenager (in your 3rd year). What it’s like? I believe it varies depending on the kind of person you are. But since I don’t know most of you, I’m going to write about my own experience, like I always do.

There have been a lot of couples since 3rd year has started (even before then). I’m pretty much alright with that, except that sometimes I wonder, what does it feel to be loved by someone other than your family and friends? How would you know a person likes you or not? And what in the world is flirting? (Of course I know what the definition of flirting is, but I wonder how you’d flirt). 

I would say that I know a lot of flirts, well, their flirts because people call them that, and some of them admit to it. I don’t dislike them or anything but considering we’re just students, why flirt and make everything more complicated? It’s not really the time to confess your deep and true love right now because as of the moment, I’m 99.9% sure that whatever romantic relationships you’d have during high school would end.but, then again, there are some lucky souls that find their true love during these times.  

My crush is probably a flirt too. He’s linked with a lot of people and a lot of people are linked to him. You wouldn’t automatically notice that he’s a flirt since he’s really quiet (unless your super close) and really smart (which exceeds my expectations). But, it doesn’t make him less of a flirt.

Being the typically shy girl, there are low chances of someone ever flirting with me. Not that I want someone to flirt with me, it’s just that a lot of people are being flirted with, why can’t one of those people be me? It’s a really silly thought, I know. 

How many times have I said the word “flirt” in this post? I wonder. 




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