The Week That Felt Like A Year

Ni Hao, Bloggers! It’s me signing up once again, after a very stressful week. I cannot accept the fact that it had been only a week and I already miss summer. I’ve been sleeping at 2-3 o’ clock in the morning since the first day and being in school takes up 12 hours of my day, 5 days a week (4 hours bus, 1 hour morning preparation, and 7 hours of doing homework and other stuff). I don’t know why it takes me 7 hours to do homework, BUT IT DOES AND IT REALLY SUCKS. 

I’ve been drinking coffee since day one, believing it may be the solution for my “sleeping problem” and, IT IS. I have just understood the importance of coffee in my everyday life. It’s not just a drink, it’s a miracle to me. I’ve been dozing of during classes since I was Kinder, and now, Gosh.

I have broken my swear of not having a cutation/crush and I feel ashamed because of that. It’s perfectly normal, I know. But it could really distract me from my studies and that’s the last thing that I want to happen. It would crush me not being in the star section next year (same thing I said last year). He’s just really cute (cheekbones, UH-DORABLE), sorta smart (exceeds my expectations) and maybe nice (I don’t know. My friend says he’s a flirt). I’m already in the “daydream” stage and Oh, gods, I don’t want to go beyond that! Fates, help me hate this guy!

The b is still the b. Not that affected anymore, considering I’ve been ignoring them for 2 years. Although, I have met 2 decent people on-board. They seem really nice and like me. Oh, how I wish I wasn’t dreaming cause’ I want to have friends in the bus (believe it or not). One of them was a schoolmate of mine (that i didn’t know of, at the time) and the other moved to my city just last summer. They’re great, so far. I really hope it continues so that I’d have someone to talk to in the b.

Friends? Haven’t met any yet, in my section, except my old classmate who was already my friend since first year. Everyone looks nice, enough. Some are seriously funny while others are alright, as well. I enjoy this section compared to my second year one. I love seeing old friends and hanging with them since I miss them, lots. 

Change can be good or bad, it all depends on how you look at it. So far, it seems good, besides the horrible schedule that i have to put up with for 10 months. Well, that’s the update about me for the first week of classes. I don’t expect you to give a damn about me, but, then again, neither do I about you. Okay, harsh much? What I meant was that this is my blog and if you’ve got a problem about me, then go away cause’ this is MY happy place. Okay?





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