Not The End, Rather, A New Beginning

Tomorrow is the day. It really is. I can hardly believe that summer’s almost gone and I’m going to have to start waking up super early again. I’ve been preparing myself for this kind of dreaded day, but I’m still quite shocked. 

This shall be my third year in the “best four years” of my life and I still cannot understand it’s title. I mean, they say that it is, but right now, IT’ AIN’T LIKE THAT. High school seems like the transition period between elementary and college. It’s like from a mere child to a realistic young adult. It is when people find themselves, plus learn a lot of stuff from school. 

I know this post is a lot crappy but I don’t give a fug. Looking at the title now, it’s not that appropriate for this content, eh? Okay, I’ll try to be a little positive. Let’s see. Well, I’d get to meet new people, become a more educated individual with the lessons that the teachers are going to enlighten us with, enjoy the perks of not having to commute in such a late hour, and realize more life lessons along the way. 

They say that everyday is a new day, a new chance to change and a new start to something new. But, there’s always going to be that nasty past bugging you around every now and then. It’s existence haunting you down until you break down to tears. Well, here’s the fun truth, that past shouldn’t pull you down, rather, mold you into a person that won’t commit the same error again. 

You’re ugly? Who told you? Oh, you? Well, Shut The Fug Up. That voice in your head saying you that you can’t do anything, that you’re just a piece of crap, is not going to help you. Change those pessimistic insults into positive compliments and constructive criticism. Don’t expect other people to bring you up because they’re too busy bringing themselves up.

To be honest, I’m scared, nervous, excited and nauseous at the same time. It’s coming and I know I can’t be ready, even if summer had a thousand days. I just have to lift my head up and smile at the ugly truth that is the unfairness of the world.




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