I see people in a straight line,

At first I thought, It looked fine,

Then I saw them, all acting the same,

As if they all had one name.



They all wore the same kind of clothing, 

Carrying around the same set of thing,

Riding to on the same bus, one-by-one,

As one vehicle came, the other one run.



In the bus, no one really talked, 

When we got down, they all just walked.

Made me wonder how the world might be,

If someone changed their destiny.



Then a strange boy came around,

Wearing different clothes and laughing out loud,

People looked at him like he was a fool,

Wondering if they should hit him with a tool.



He didn’t seem to care what anybody thought,

Or any look they shot,

He jumped up and down with a smile on his face,

Traveling on his own pace.



“What do you think you’re doing?” a man said to him,

“Hey, man, my name is Tim”,

“You look stupid” the man replied,

“Oh this? It isn’t mine” He quickly denied.



It was really such a shame,

I thought that boy would change this name,

That everybody was living up to, til’ now,

But, no one would allow.


Then, a few months after the incident, 

I found out that Tim was a mere instrument,

It didn’t matter that he grew afraid,

Because I saw, a change was made.


A woman grew tired of staying that way,

That she bought new clothes and went astray,

A man from a corner bought some shades,

The black and white colors slowly fade.


They gathered into groups, 

And those groups collided with other troupes,

Being different was no disease,

Now, they lived through life with ease.


So, don’t cry because you aren’t like them, 

Just, believe that you are a rare gem,

You go with people who like you for you,

People who know you and don’t go “boo”. 


The world is more exciting,

With people being different and fighting,

The normality that once was there,

Which wasn’t much fun to wear. 



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