I Want Summer To End

People say the words in the title very rarely together. Most people would hate it for summer to go so quickly, I would too, but I’m becoming quite a lazy and chubbier (my friend told me not to call myself “fat”) since summer started and I just want to go back to reality.

I miss my friends at school. Especially those whom I really close with. We’re not really as close as we were before, but we’re still pretty good friends. They’re still there when I need them to be, if they’re allowed, since we’re not in the same section anymore. And I’m still there when they need me. Rain or shine, I still love them. They’re totally awesome.

I’m not really excited for my new section. I feel it’s gonna be like what I felt during my first few weeks in second year, depressingly confusing. Sure, I’m gonna miss my old section, but this is a new start and I have to be at least psyched for the next 10 months (OH, GODS). 

After this year, I’m going to be a senior and then, boom, off to college. Time goes so fast. I’m having second thoughts about what I want for myself in college, which is alright. I guess I have to figure things out soon.

I’ve been really into romantic comedies and the like. I feel that sometimes I can be a very hopeless romantic. I really like the thought of a “happy ever after” but that doesn’t really happen. Well, it’s more of how you see the world and the obstacles it throws at you. 

I am so glad that many people are applying for the admin contest in my page. I hope I choose the right group of people to admin my page while I’m gone. I have to have someone look after it while I’m at school. I can’t really check on it after school since I have to do tons of schoolwork, which is normal for me now. 

Every night, the thought of somebody out there for me pops into my head. I may not know him yet, but I do believe there might be someone for me, in the future. I just, don’t like being clueless at who he is, and if he does exist. Anyways, future me would experience it someday, while I have to deal with the current stuff life is giving to me. 




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