I’m Tired of The Same Old Game

One minute, she’s there, badmouthing you behind your back and the next minute, she talks to you and asks you for favors, as if you’re her friend.

Users. That’s a common thing nowadays since true people are rare nowadays. You can’t help but despise them for making you feel bad as hell, then, simply asking you to do something for them. You’re not an toy that could be played around, thrown. You have actual feelings.

It’s actually pathetic for them to ask something from you when they’re the reason why you can’t speak up nor be confident with who you are. Those type of people are the reason why you sit around some corner and cry.

Bullies, yeah. It just really annoys me when they do that. They have no idea how miserable I feel whenever I overhear, find out, observe (or whatever you may call it) that they’re saying bad things about me behind my back. I know I’m not perfect, well, far from perfect, actually, but no thanks for the emphasis.

But, would it make me a bad person if I didn’t help them? I’m just returning the favor that they had done to me. That sounds rational, right? I know that I’m supposed to “love my enemies” but, it’s perfectly legitimate to hate them when they judge you without knowing who you are, first, usually about the so-called “physical appearance”.

Would it really cause me bad karma because I didn’t help them? I mean, they didn’t do anything to me to deserve my help. What goes around comes around, and that’s that. It goes two ways, dear.

Gah, I know I should help because I’m a good person or at least, I want to be one, but I’m tired of it, really.

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