While I Was In The Department Store

There I was, lining up to buy something from the cashier in the department store, minding my own business. My mom scolds two boys who were in front on my me. I hear them saying that they were together and my mom withdrew, understanding them. I told her that she should just chill and stay calm, but it was sort of panicky because we were catching a movie, that was going to start in a few minutes, so I didn’t argue with her.

I can’t help but observe those two boys, looking like poor people with their physical appearance. I didn’t criticize them harshly for being poor, but rather, I pitied them that they we’re born rich nor middle-class. Then, I saw what they were going to purchase, a small pack of fried peas (or something like that) with the exact amount in hand. I felt bad that they were buying that while the people around them very buying stuff for their leisure. Even the person in front of them bought a lot of food.

I wondered how they got the money, and for whom were those peas, and what they felt while buying that from a department store, rather than a sari-sari store at a corner. I wished I could’ve given my siopao, but my mom would’ve never allowed me. I want to do more for those kind of people. I want to help people in need.

Society is pretty messed up nowadays. The rich become richer and the poor become poorer. Although, there are some fortunate human beings who share their blessings, most of them simply ignore the fact that there are other people around them. That’s why someday, I want to start my own foundation, the cause being street children. I don’t want my name to be it’s title, rather, naming it more greatly (of course, I am still thinking of the grand name).

So, help whenever and wherever you could because you have no idea what a small random act of kindness could lead to.



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