I Will Never Forget You

A while back, I bought my new cellphone, Cherry , which was a pretty depressing thing for me to do, realizing that I am still not over my old cellphone, Cassie, who got lost in the bus on the 15th of December, 2012.

I cannot believe it was that quick to lose a beloved cellphone. I guess I was deceived on how safe and reliable the bus was. I got too comfortable with Cassie in my hand while I slept and thought that If I were to have left here there, I could just get it back later. But, obviously, that wasn’t the case.

I don’t know who took it, who has it and how they got it from a bus service, but continuing to think about it couldn’t amount to anything since we have given up on searching for it. Although, I am still hoping for some kind of miracle to get her back.

Karma, I say to the person who stole her. I know, I lost her. But you still took her, aware of the fact that you didn’t buy her. You don’t know how much I hate you right now. Not only did you take the money that my parents earned to buy her, but you also took my cellphone. Damn you, whoever you may be.

To Cassie, I’m sorry if I was careless and stupid. No cellphone can replace you, not even an iPhone. Your model is still the ideal model for me, though, I don’t think my mom would let me buy the same model of phone, twice. I hope you’re still alright, even though you’re with someone else. If only I placed you in my bag, you might still be with me.

Gods, how dumb and lazy was I not to put you inside my bag? It would’ve taken just a couple of seconds. Shit. The “what if’s” are torturing me. I can’t help but to point fingers on some people that could have prevented this from happening, but it was me. It was MY fault that you’re not here now. It’s my fault that I have a new cellphone that isn’t as great as you, Cassie.  😥

You will forever be missed </3


If any of you readers have seen or own a phone like that and are aware that you didn’t buy the phone, please comment, because I desperately want her back.



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