True Friendship is Blind

Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and does who matter don’t mind. -Dr. Seuss

Why be ashamed of who you are and where you come from? If those “friends” of yours are really your friends, they wouldn’t care. Whether your black or white,  rich or poor, Asian or American, Christian or Muslim, or anything, for that matter. They’d accept you for who you are. They will never judge you for what you do or say, because that’s you, and if they don’t like it, I advice you to find some other friends cause’ those people who you’re hanging out with are definitely, not your friends.

Of course there’d be some teasing and frank statements that are inevitable since everyone as different opinions about things, but after that, you’d still be alright and tight. There’d be no gossiping to other people nor throwing insults behind backs. Knowing more about your friend is actually a good thing, that means he/she trusts you enough to reveal more about him/her.

I know we don’t have much. We’re not rich nor are we poor. We’re more of middle class? Yeah, I guess that would suit our situation. But, why does that mean I can’t invite friends over? If you’re bashful about something in our house, fix it, rather than being negative about the idea of my friends and I hanging out in our house. I offered to clean my room and the bedroom, and everything. Then, you bring up the bathroom that I can’t do anything about. I think that’s pretty much called “bullshit”.

I am really pissed right now so forgive my language. I’m in the verge of crying but I know it wouldn’t be worth it because then I’d need to explain it to you. That’s why I chose to write a blog post than walk away to my room and sulk up. Why are you so against my friends coming here? Great, everything. Ruined. Thanks a lot.

black and white

cat and dog

fat and thin



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