Fantasy Vs Reality

Run away with me,

To this magical fantasy,

Where we simply sing in glee,

And live life happily.



Worries and sorrows vanish,

A goodbye to crying,

No more mistakes to punish,

Nor any kind of lying.



A day in this world,

would make you want to stay,

make ourselves a queen and lord,

Do with it what we may.



But one condition is deserved,

No turning back anymore,

Our minds, already reserved,

In return, no more sore.



Stuck in this trap,

We once found amazing,

This is the last lap,

Then, I hear my alarm clock ring.



I find myself awake,

Free at last,

Alive for my sake,

A spell stopped from being cast.




I realize, reality,

It may be a bitch,

But rather this than insanity,

By a world that has no glitch.




We live for something worth it,

We laugh because it’s a pleasure,

We love when we’re hit,

And that, my friend, is a treasure.




Celebrate life cause’ we’re alive,

And wish for nothing more,

Enjoy whatever God may give,

Never stare at a closed door.





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