What is “The Truth”?

He used to say that artists use lies to tell the truth, while politicians use them to cover the truth up. – V For Vendetta

I don’t know what to believe in anymore, whether what I know is true or false. This world is getting more messed up than it should be because of those damn lies that people tell other people to cover up and maintain the image he/she wants. Lies that deceive people from the real truth. The truth may hurt, of course, but, better to be told the truth than a sugar coated lie.

Crab Mentality is another thing, telling lies about another person to get higher in life. Pulling one down you could put yourself up and feel good about it. People would bash about other people to win the affection, admiration, and attention of the audience.

I don’t think the media could be trusted nowadays because of their biased reports and cover up stories. They may twist some facts and hide some information that the citizens should now about. People deserve to know the truth and reality of what is happening around them and the media fails to convey such information.

Power. It gets to everyone. Once you sit on a marvelous throne, you suddenly forget where you came from and who you are. It screws the mind and overpowers the person itself. Forgetting the people that made him/her where he/she is right now. Power shouldn’t be about being the first one on line, but rather, the last one. It’s supposed to be about gaining the power and influence to serve the people and make a change.

I’m not against political dynasty, as long as the person who’s running doesn’t include a picture or mention the name of his/her family member in office in any of their campaigns. A politician should stand independently and securely. He/she should be voted not because she  is a relative of someone in position, but because he/her is deserving the grand opportunity to serve his/her fellow countrymen.

Self-expression is important to the people expressing themselves and to person that is the topic of her opinions. It could cause’ change if the person being talked about it listening well. If not, the person wouldn’t realize that whatever he/she is doing is wrong, rather, he/she would take as an insult to him/her. Why would people complain if absolutely nothing is wrong? To mock or to bash on someone for fun? Now, those type of people are called “idiots” and they shouldn’t be given attention. But, it is up to the person to decide whether or not the complaint made sense.

Just to clarify and avoid any criminal suites, this is of my own opinion. I didn’t mention any names nor my location. It stands to be general and serves as a message for everyone and anyone who reads my blog and feels something about it. If you recognize yourself in these words, change something so that change may happen in this world. I don’t know how or when or if it’s even possible to change. All I’m typing in this keyboard are words of hope for change. Change is inevitable, but to maintain such change is a hard task and I want the people that are in power to do such task. Change happens for better or for worse, depending on the perspective of the person. Do good even if you’re standing alone, so that people might follow you. Never do something you know that is bad even if everyone is doing it.

I don’t expect anything, but I do hope, someday, somewhere, someone would stand up for change in this world and influence people to do the same because I’m tired of what’s happening now. It might not be tomorrow, or next week, or next month, next year, maybe even never. But, I want the truth and, to whoever reads this, please, be a person of truth. Make a change.



2 thoughts on “What is “The Truth”?

  1. Sometimes i wonder if the people who are in power someday had dreams, if their family teached them some values, if they were happy with their lives just because of the ”small things” (actually the big things) like good friendship, hobbies, whatever made them happy. Once the power becomes bigger than everything it’s like they only care about getting more and more power and will never remember about the kid or teenager they were. I may have a difficult life sometimes but i’ll never forget about where i came from and what i’ve learned and i truly believe that.

    • I probably wouldn’t understand how and why they choose power over everything, but I can say that these people are only chosen by the people and that people should choose more wisely on who they give the power to run their country to. They should vote people who truly want to serve their fellow countrymen and aren’t for it because of money or power. ~The Girl With The Pen

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