How to Survive A Miserable Summer 101

Just thinking about it poisons all the happiness I have within me. I really don’t know how to deal with this dilemma wherein both sides of me win. See, there’s a huge difference between a “want” and a “need”, and it looks like I really need this to survive the next school year, even though I don’t want to attend it anymore. 

Why does life have to seem hard? All I want is to have a splendid summer, but that would cause me to be a dumb and fat 15 year old who will never amount to anything. Shit. I can’t seem to find the brighter side to my miserable life right now. I only see it as a dull way to spend an awesome vacation from school. 

I know it’s gonna help me in the mere future, but I can’t stand waking up early to go and study, unlike some people. I also feel left out and depressed whenever I’m there because most of the students are in the star section, while I’m the cut offed Rank 3.  

I just really don’t want to go, but have to. Make any sense? Excellent.





4 thoughts on “How to Survive A Miserable Summer 101

  1. Enial, believe me, I’m not too affected. You’re awesome, you know that? You’re industrious enough to keep posting on your blog and your blog posts save my day, which is otherwise dull and lacking. Cheer up, though i think you have already, if the numerous blog posts aren’t clues.

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