This Same Day.. A Year Ago

I know most of you wouldn’t care about this being day being special to me and this blog, but I’m proud to say that I’ve been running this blog for 365 days. I like celebrating the little stuff, like this 1st anniversary and currently having 56 followers, because  I wasn’t expecting that I’d be having followers nor this blog lasting longer than the summer of 2012. I really appreciate you, readers, for reading at least one post made my moi, may it be about life, fashion, school, and other stuff. 


I didn’t really know what to do for this very special celebration, but a friend suggested that I write about my year of having this blog. I couldn’t say that my life changed completely because everything is still pretty normal to me. It’s still unfair, unpredictable and worth living. I went to school like I usually do during the months of June-March, as a second year student. I wasn’t in the star section (even next year </3 ) nor was I a champion in any contest. I’ve made some friends and some not-so friends. I got into fights with my close friends and enemies, which mostly started with me being selfish or insensitive. I still had crushes that didn’t know me at all (or not that well). 

I think the only difference was I always brought and wrote on a notebook, anytime anywhere. I’d write about my day, rants, movies, and more. I don’t post everything in this blog because some of it is kinda personal and contained information I was not permitted to post in this World Wide Web. After writing, I’d feel calmer, happier, and like I’d let go of some huge luggage. I also have noticed that I ACT-ed more this year. It was embarrassing, yes, but it was worthwhile. 

Well, I guess that’s it. Thank you, again, for being a faithful reader to this blog. I really appreciate it. I know I cannot predict the future, but I definitely know that there’d be more writing in it. 😉






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