Looking Back On The Past

..To avoid it re-occurring in the future.

They were my first friends in this world and now, we’re not even acquaintances anymore. I want to forget that they ever existed because whenever I get reminded of what broke our friendship, I feel it’s pretty low and that they suck for doing it. Best friends aren’t who you’ve known longest, but who came and never left. 

What if she did invite me there? Would we still be best friends until now? Or were they meant only to be lessons in my life. We’ve had a pretty rocky friendship. It was very dramatic with the casual fighting and name-calling. Gossiping was also introduced to me. But I don’t blame them for that, I was going to learn that sooner or later in life, I guess. 

They called me “immature” not because I was, but because they were more mature than they should be. I was only about 10 years old. It’s funny, really, not sad or mad, just funny.

And that is the end of this short post.





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