The Crash

I know I’m not the unluckiest person in the world and there are hundreds more that have worst problems than I do, but I really can’t get over this one. I have been dying to get in the whole year and that single moment ruined it. I can’t help think the “what if’s” rather than the “oh well’s” because it sucks so much. Why is this world too cruel to let me get my way for once, just once.

I know I’m neither the best nor the worst student in my school, but why can’t I have the grand opportunity to get in either of those two amazing sections and see what it feels like to be part of something great? I know that I’m really far from the averages of the people who got in there. Of course I have predicted the regrets I feel right now. I’ve been cut-off, TWICE in my high school life. 

I thought I was over it, I really did. But there’s nothing worth getting excited for next June because I’m not in those sections. It’s really bitter of me but I can’t help feeling sorry for myself that I got into some other section. It’s not that I hate the people in my section but I’d like to be in another section, a more awesome one. 

This post really sucks but who the heck cares. Some of the people who got in that section don’t even want to be in it. That Friday, I wanted my teacher to tell me that I got in, that I had done it. But, no, she gave me a damn certificate for being the rank 3, that got cut-off. 

I guess that’s life and whether I like it or not, I have to go on with it. I guess I wasn’t really good enough for that section. That I didn’t work enough to get in. Crap. I hate life. 




3 thoughts on “The Crash

  1. You’ll get there. We’ll get there. I’m telling you, if we do great in 3rd year, we’ll be in those two great sections in the 4th. I mean, think of it positively, if you got in the star section and not do as good as those smart geniuses, you’ll land back to a random section in 4th year. I’m just saying, it’s just the beginning 😉

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