Don’t Smile.. Act Naturally

The thing about pictures is that they would never change, no matter how ugly the reality becomes. The emotion that is seen in them remains forever. You look at them wishing you could go back to those times when life was so much more happier and less painful. Those captured moments of the past that you could never go back to.

Maybe that’s why I like carrying around a camera all the time. I like making memories before it’s faded away. I’m not sentimental or anything. I just want to savor the moment before it ends. I like taking stolen pics because there is no fake smiles in them, but rather, reality. But, I guess it’s alright to tell them you’re gonna take a picture. 

I brought it up right now because as I upload pics in my facebook account, I remember the time when I was still smiling and excited about the section classification which turned out to be a disaster. I keep telling people that I’m over but there’s still this little part of me that screams “WHY? WHY IS LIFE THIS UNFAIR? CRAP”. And when friends were still friends and everything was normal. 

So, here I am, in front of the computer, reminiscing memories through simple pictures that captured the moment and preserved it’s innocence of the future and purity of that particular event.






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