Gold, Yes, G-O-L-D

(Content is Not Valid and is only used for celebration purposes.)

Hear ye Hear ye! Everyone who follows this blog will receive a golden ticket for this golden event.



Now, come and join this golden celebration.





PIZZA! (can’t find a decent gold one, so Yellow Cab will have to do)



SUSHI! (can’t find a gold one of this either)



Champagne, anyone? 😉



Wouldn’t be a party without CAKE!


Aaaand.. CUPCAKES!



Well, some of you might have guessed it while others might not, but I’m going to tell you why I made the effort to write this golden post right now. I’m glad to announce to you that this blog now has 50 followers. Yes, you’re brain processed the write number, 5-0. I know to some blogs, it’s nothing but another digit, but to me, it’s sweet victory, because more or less 50 people read my posts. So, thank you to all my followers and readers that aren’t following me. Without you, well, no one would read my blog. A clarification to everyone, including myself, is that this blog is not to impress people but rather, serves a place for me to run to when no one’s there. I was trying to hit 50 before or on the anniversary of this marvelous blog, and when I opened it today, I was filled with gladness. 

So, to show my gratitude to everyone. Here’s some golden giveaways (I’m sorry I couldn’t really give this to you but the thought counts):



Golden iPhone 😀



Aaaaand… Golden Mac 😉







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