When Life Gives You Lemons..

.. You make a delicious lemonade. 

I’ve always said this saying but never got it by heart. I knew that you should make the best out of whatever life threw to you, but I didn’t feel it until now. I’d have to admit, a few hours ago, I was questioning God why he put me in some other section that’s NOT the star section. I didn’t know how I could possibly move on from that for 10 months. I felt that I had 10 months of not being in the star section and now, another 10 months. 

But maybe I’m not so damned about this section. Maybe, just maybe, this section would be awesome. You can’t make an awesome lemonade without the hard work of squeezing the precious juice out of that ordinary lemon and creating the perfect mixture. Meaning, I have to work and prove myself worthy of being in the “star section”. 

Hmm.. 10 months of regret or choosing the more positive side of things? The latter seems happier to me. Besides, I’m psyched to meet new people (trying to be psyched.. I don’t want to be that quiet girl anymore.. I’m not a people person ALRIGHT?!!? haha). Although, I’m not that psyched to be going to some tutorial center, but why not? I get to learn how to commute by myself and learn trigo, physics and AA 😀




One thought on “When Life Gives You Lemons..

    Hi me from (almost) three years ago,
    Let me just tell you that you’re going to love your third year section! It won’t always be happy times, but over all, it’ll be awesome! Trust me.

    Love, you from the future 🙂

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