The Name of This Post is Secret

Haha.. well, I just couldn’t choose a name for this particular post. This is mainly about my last day of 2nd year. The first part is mostly filled with craziness and happiness and the second part is pretty much equivalent to crap. I’ve been waiting for this day since Monday and now, I wished I didn’t go to school today.

I had to commute as practice for my summer tutorial thing. Midway, I really (10000x) had to pee.. haha.. so I was relieved when we arrived to the place and I got to use the restroom. We took the train to my school and upon entering the school, I saw my smaller sister and a couple of friends. I saw the seniors today, probably the last time I’ll be seeing them for a long time. My friend wanted to take a picture with one specific senior dude but wimped out. 

I had to wait for like 3 and 1/2 hours to get my card. But those 3 and 1/2 hours were filled with fun and laughter and silliness. I got a certificate from our adviser because I was like Rank 3 of our section. When the cards were distributed one-by-one, I was freakin’ nervous. Finally, my name was called out, I WAS IN THE STAR SECTION. I almost jump up and down because of all the joy. I told my friends I got in and they got in too, which was awesome. We all went to Mcdo to celebrate an amazing sunny day (was the ending I wanted for the day, but sadly, life’s a bitch). I didn’t get in the star section and left the room crying as soon as our adviser told us it was alright to go already. My friends asked me what was my section and I answered while hiding my tears and sobbing. I know it’s not the worst problem in the whole darn world, but I wa–am.. depressed that I didn’t get in. I went to the bus and broke down there. I fell asleep crying until we got to Mcdo and I ate. Sleeping really helped me. So, yeah, that’s the real ending of my day.

 I’ve actually thought of a very strategic plan on how to survive this year and landing a spot on the top. But, that’s the real secret to this post 😉 . 






One thought on “The Name of This Post is Secret

    Hi me from (almost) three years ago,
    I love your fighting spirit! I think those tears and that sadness are parts of the reason why I’m where I am now (which I won’t say cos it’s a secret haha). But, I will tell you that you get in the top of your 3rd year section (TOP 2 WOOH) but not the star section, WHICH IS FINE I TELL YOU!

    Love, you from the future 🙂

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