My Not-so-beautiful Goodbye

I thought I’d write this since you people who’d barely see me again and there’s no point of keeping these words to myself since you deserve my sincere congratulations. I bet no one from your batch would even read this since I presume no one in our school reads my blog, except those few friends of mine whom I give the link to. So, here it goes:

To the seniors that are graduating,

I’ve been trying to accept the fact that you’re leaving since March of last year but until now, I cannot accept that fact. I mean, yeah, I know that you’re leaving high school to go to some university, but I can’t imagine a life at school without seeing your faces. I don’t know much of the seniors-to-be next year, so for me, they can never replace your batch.

This post is really silly. Sooner or later, I’d forget about you, well I assume that I’d forget about you since, that’s life. You forget things until someone mentions them again.

Fug, I’ve been really selfish and insensitive. I haven’t even mentioned a “congratulations” yet. So, here, congratulations to you for surviving 40 months in our school, alive. I guess that in those 40 months, you’ve made friends, memories, and went through hell to get passing grades.

I also congratulate you for getting into a university/college somewhere. That’s awesome. I wish that I’d get into my dream college, but I’d settle for any of the big four. I presume that every one of you got into at least one college. I hope you excel in your respective college and graduate with honors there.

I honestly don’t know what else to say. I’m gonna miss you oh so much. You’re the second batch closest to me (first would be my batch, of course). I don’t even know why I’d feel this way since I don’t have much friends in your batch but I know too much about too many people not to miss you. Damn.

Well, I guess that’s all. I hope that our paths would cross again someday. And, yeah, goodbye batch 2013 :’)





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