Is There Such A Thing As A “Happy Ending”?

As a realist, I don’t believe much in the so-called “happy ending” mentioned in those “fairy tales” that we read during our childhood days. It’s those kind of stories that give us false hope that we too might have our very own “happy ending”. I mean, life is full of unending crap, and when you meet your prince charming, 

But, then again, there could be. The kind of ending wherein you remain happy even though the world around you isn’t perfect. You’d still experience problems and crap, but you’d choose to look on the positives and tend to be happy. It comes with a price, and that’s for you to stay positive even though life isn’t fair.

As for prince charming, why not? I was reminded by a friend a few days ago that my parents are an example of a possibly happy ending. They love each other, surpass everything and, in the end, die happily together.

So, this is a rather short post but I don’t really feel like posting today.







One thought on “Is There Such A Thing As A “Happy Ending”?

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