Who Am I ?

Most people don’t fully understand who they really are because of what they think, act and hear from other people. I believe that life isn’t about the destination, but rather about the journey. You don’t get a manual stating who you are and what you have to be. You find yourself through this adventure that is “life” and realize who you want to be.

Most of you probably don’t know me and don’t give a damn on who I am, but truth be told, I made this blog so that I could have somewhere to run to when there’s no one to turn to, not to please you or anything so, screw whatever you think about this blog cause’ it’s mine and I’d write anything on it. Lately, I got too caught up on likes and followers that I forgot why I made this blog and now, I remember. If you think that I suck at writing, the “close tab” and “url box thingy” is open, but if you appreciate what I write or something, read on, no need to even like or follow (but it’s still open). I made this site for me and for those that might thing what I’m writing isn’t total crap.

People describe me as two things: “the girl that never talks” and “the girl that’s completely insane”. I was never really a “people person” but when I do get friends, I act like a complete wacko with them. I’m glad that I still have a few friends that know everything about me and still choose to be my friend.

And.. another thing you should know about me is that I’m super lazy, so I might continue this post tomorrow.



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