Keep Moving Forward

Good Morning. Today is a new day to fix your messed up life. Screw yesterday and temporarily forget tomorrow, because today is what’s happening right now and you should at least try to get it right. It’s hard to carry a burden from the past that continues to haunt you and from the future that has yet to come. Live today as it is, don’t look back nor look too much forward.

Now, maybe majority of us human beings have done something that we regret in the past, but if we keep staring at that closed door, maybe we would fail to notice those that are open to us. Yeah, maybe we can never fix it or maybe we can, but the point is, remembering and crying about it won’t get you anywhere. It’s either you learn from it or let it eat you up and you wouldn’t be able to move on. Failures serve as lessons that we can use for the future.

Look forward. Don’t look behind you unless it’s something positive nor look at your sides where other people are walking and carrying themselves forward. Don’t compare yourself to the other people living their own lives.  Be the best that YOU can be and that’s all that matters. Excellence is not being the best, it’s doing your best. Everyone has flaws, even those who seem perfect. Some people are just better at choosing happiness than others.

Stand up for what you believe in. Have a good level of self reliance and independence because the truth in this world is that everything changes and when that “change” happens, you must have a strong foundation of who you are. When you accept yourself, you wouldn’t care what the others think about you. There’s only you and that’s it.

Dream any dream. Reach for the moon so if everything fails, you fall in the stars. Dreams have a price and that’s the hard work and determination you are willing to give to see it come true. It’s not just served to you in a silver platter, are you kidding? You work for it. If you can’t make yourself work for it, don’t bother dreaming, kid. 

“Dream as if you were to live forever, live as if you were to die tomorrow.”

-Albert Einstein






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