I’m Going Back

Have you been so far away from home and felt that there’s no hope in going back? Was there times in your life when you had too many problems that don’t seem to disappear? Did you ever question something you used to believe in? Has life killed that innocent little child in you?

It’s really hard to admit but my answer is “yes” to every question above. It’s just that I feel that there’s no one really around to listen to me and give me advice. I mean, yeah, there are some true friends that spend time listening to me but, at times, there’s not online and I end up alone and troubled. I do have family but I just don’t really feel like opening up to them about these kind of stuff. It’s not that they wouldn’t understand me and give me advice but it’s just really hard explaining. But, hopefully, that would change because of what happened today. 

“What did happen today?” You may ask, well my dear curious reader, our school had organized us to attend some seminar/concert in the “Cathedral of Praise”. At first, I didn’t feel like attending since I’m not really interested in Christian teachings and stuff, but it was required so, I had to. 

Getting there was no sweat since it was near our school. Choosing a seat was quite hard since it was really complicated. In the end, I followed my heart and sat down by my close friends. I am so glad that I made that decision since because of it, I enjoyed the whole thing. 

We started the day by singing some songs. It wasn’t just songs, rather, songs that hit me like a meteor hitting the Earth. I was so affected and touched by the songs. It’s shouted at me. It was mostly about life being good and God loving us. That previous sentence is an understatement. It was something that hit me in my core. 

I am not the type of person that you would see praying in Church. I don’t pray that often and I usually sleep at the mass (I know it’s bad). I don’t believe that much in God since there is no proof and I can’t talk to him when I need help (like, a real conversation). I have a lot of questions about God and his existence. I am one heck of a teenager, I know. 

But, this morning, something changed. Those lyrics and teachings made me believe that I can trust God always and that would lead me on the road to success. He may not be here physically, but there is always prayer and the Bible. 

I actually teared up a bit since all my high school life, I was pessimistic and held the thought that life is a complete b**ch. Well, now I know that there would always be Someone I can count on, and that’s God.

I really wish I could keep this up. I mean, being good is good, right? Hihi 🙂




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