Someone By Your Side..

In this world, no one could simply walk alone in the road called “life”. It’s a sad thought to journey without a companion, a friend, that would share the experiences with you. Everyone needs a friend that they can count on to be with them through anything. This life wouldn’t be worth living without someone you consider as a friend.

But, nowadays, I stop to think about the true meaning of “friendship” because a long the way, you learn the ways of society in hiding their true emotions and intentions in meeting people of different ways of life. You begin to become less innocent as a child and slowly figure out that the world isn’t what you think it is. Making friends isn’t what you expect it to be like, it’s not always true.

So, a little flashback on what used to be. As a child, I was very active and playful. I used to play with plenty of friends in our village park. We’d do anything, from battling each other with light sabers to running around the park. We didn’t really have to talk about things, we simply goofed around the whole afternoon. I’d be really sad when evening came since it was time for us to go home. I’d occasionally invite friends (*cough* girls *cough*) to come by the house and have sleepovers. It was a lot of fun, role playing, watching movies, playing outdoors, etc. 

But then, we grew up. The number of children who went to the park decreased everyday. I guess most of them chose to stay indoors and play video games or something. My friends met other friends and eventually forgot about me. It’s not that I’m bitter or anything. It’s just a mere fact. Things change, people change, and life stops for no one (-Perks of Being A Wallflower). 

Then, high school came. You think it’s just moving up to a new level of school, but it’s not. It’s the typical period when you mature and figure things out. You don’t just learn school lessons, but also things about life. It would seem that faking smiles and fitting in is necessary. Friendship suddenly became complicated, not being sure if your friends are really your friends. At times, they’d be talking with you and a minute later, they’re gone and you’re alone. 

Expectations meet reality, realizing not all of your friends would stand by your side even if the whole world is against you. Differences are normal and it would make people closer to each other (or at least that’s what most people say). Your friends have other friends and it’s either you go with them or get left behind. That’s the ugly truth. 

But, doesn’t everyone want someone that would make an effort to be their friend? Someone who would know you so well that he/she could tell whether you’re “okay.” or really okay. While that smile of yours can fool the world, it can’t fool him/her. That kind of person that is ready to listen to what you have to say. He/she doesn’t even have to give an advice. It’s is/her presence that makes you feel better. It would be nice to have a friend like that. 

I bet everyone wants that, eh? But, not everyone has the opportunity to have that. So, why not start with yourself by being a friend.. a true friend to someone out there. A “hello” can go a long way (trust me and the other million that says so). Appreciate who you have and treat them well because they won’t be there forever. 





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