The Last Lap

This week has been hell. Projects and tests here, there, EVERYWHERE! It’s pretty much the climax of this second year. I’ve been cramming every night and every morning. But, finally, I have survived and it’s going to be a long weekend 😀

Next week is our final exam, fudge. Second year has gone to fast. It’s was just like yesterday that I met my new classmates and now, we prepare to say ‘goodbye’. Everything has changed, but I’m thankful that my old friends and me are still in good conditions. 

I am seriously addicted to “Pitch Perfect” nowadays. I really love their audition, rift-off and finals. I ❤ “Titanium” and “Since You’ve Been Gone”. Everyone in school got infected with it. I’m one of the people that got it late.. haha.

Seniors are going away.. That’s the fact, people. Their like the batch that’s second closest to me. All those nights of looking at profiles during my ‘crazy period’ in first year. I know them too well. Haha.. but congratulations to you guys, you survived 4 years of ….

I cannot mess this up. I don’t really know what I want. All that I’m sure of is that I want to be a junior in ….. and that I really want to get into star section. It’s really annoying when you’re friend teases you saying that she’s going to be higher than you. Yes, I am competitive and easily annoyed by the boasts of other people. 

Don’t be surprised if I don’t post here for this week since it would be another hard one. Wish me luck, readers 🙂


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